Code of Conduct

A. We believe it is the parents’ responsibility to shape the Godly character and guide the Christian education of their child/children. In accordance with that belief, all parents and students are expected to represent our Lord, and JCHE, with the highest standards of integrity and Christian character. In accordance with this belief, all members must,

  • Demonstrate behavior above reproach;
  • Be courteous, considerate, cooperative and respectful.

B. Therefore, at all JCHE related functions we require the following rules to be observed:

  • No Profanity
  • No Smoking
  • No Drugs or Alcohol
  • No Fighting
  • No Slander
  • No Coarse Jesting or Hurtful Language

C. Knowing that each student is an image-bearer of the Lord, we would like to stress modesty in dress and appearance. Our members are asked to avoid extremes in clothing. Parents are encouraged to teach students how to look their best and how their appearance affects others and honors Christ. – No bare midriffs; No low-cut necklines; No short shorts or skirts; keep your underwear under your wear.

D. We ask that our young men and young ladies treat each other with respect and refrain from all flirtatious behavior. Although each family has the right and responsibility to address the “Dating Issue” according to their own convictions, we do not promote or allow any public display of affection at any JCHE related functions.

E. When we are attending activities as a group, our behavior reflects not only on the individual families, but on JCHE as well. We ask that you adhere to these rules of etiquette.

Children’s Responsibility:

  • Be responsive and respectful to leadership.
  • Sit quietly and listen when you are a part of the audience.
  • Do not run when you are inside a building or in a crowd.

Parent’s Responsibility:

  • Call to cancel if you can’t make it. Fees are non-refundable except at the discretion of the Event Coordinator.
  • Take responsibility for your children during the field trip/activity. If you are unable to accompany your child, you must make specific arrangements with another home schooling parent to be responsible for your child.