JCHE Activity Descriptions



JCHE Members Only Website

For our major day to day communication, sign-up for activities, email discussion, etc., our members have access to a Members Only website. Community events and opportunities are shared. An opening page is available to the public with information about JCHE, but access to the messages and other features are password protected for our membership. This loop helps keep our families informed and provides useful communication. The site is maintained by JCHE volunteers and is a free service for JCHE members.


JCHE Classifieds

Currently under our Members Only Website we offer a Classifieds section.





This class meets bi-monthly during the school year and is designed for students in grades 7th through 12th. The students learn what it means to follow Christ and to defend their faith.


JCHE sponsors a homeschool band for beginners, intermediate, and advanced musicians. The band meets weekly at a local church during the school year in Johnston County, NC, and performs at various JCHE and community events in and around Johnston County, NC. Participation is open for a fee to JCHE members and non-members. The band director, with JCHE’s approval, sets these fees.

OWL Club

Oral Witnessing for the Lord [OWL] A public speaking club for students ages 6-18 on 3 levels, based on age and experience. Co-sponsored by JCHE. The club meets bi-monthly during the school year. OWL is student-run and teaches many skills, including writing, responsibility, time-management, public speaking, confidence, and much more. This club is offered free to students. Adult volunteers oversee the clubs.

4-H Clubs

For homeschooled students and each club meets monthly in and around Johnston County, NC.

Yearbook Club

JCHE publishes a professional yearbook. Led by volunteer coordinators and staffed by high school students who sell ads, sell yearbooks, raise funds, collect photographs, lay out the pages, write copy, etc. The staff also coordinates and sponsors the annual school pictures. The funds raised by ad sales, yearbook sales, and fundraisers cover the publishing costs of the Yearbook. Yearbook staff meetings are held regularly, one or two times a month, in Johnston County, NC


Spelling Bee

JCHE is registered as a Scripps Spelling Bee participating school. JCHE sponsors a Spelling Bee for JCHE students in grades 1-8. The winner of our Middle School competition (grades 6-8) goes on to compete at the county level with other Middle School winners from area public and private schools in Johnston County. The winner of the County Bee goes on to compete nationally at the Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.  There is not a charge to student participants.


Field Day

JCHE sponsors a field day at a local park in Johnston County, NC featuring races, relays, tosses, and other fun activities in the spring for its membership. All ages welcome. Ribbon prizes are awarded.  The event lasts for several hours once a year.

Physical Education

Elementary and Middle school programs held twice a month in the spring and fall. The classes last for about one hour and a half. Students participate in the Heart Smart Challenge in February. Open to JCHE members. The classes are led by JCHE volunteers.


The Lady Jaguars Volleyball competes with other homeschool teams around the state. Participation is open to all area homeschoolers in the proper age bracket. The team works on sponsorships and fundraising projects to cover expenses such as insurance, gym rental, league fees, equipment, referees, uniforms, etc. The season begins with a training camp in the summer, and weekly team practices and games from August to October.

Volleyball Camp/Clinic/Class

Sponsored annually for girls ages 10 and up. Usually 4-5 sessions lasting from 2 to 4 hours each. Open to all area homeschoolers in the proper age bracket. Teaches the fundamentals of the game to potential volleyball team members. Volleyball Beginners Camp is offered for a small fee usually in the spring.


JCHE hopes to have a Boys Basketball team in the near future. The team would operate similarly to the existing Volleyball team.



Local gyms offer weekly classes and monthly open gym to JCHE members and non-members at a discounted rate. Open to all area homeschool families in the area. JCHE members volunteer to coordinate with local gyms to provide this opportunity for fellowship and exercise.


Field Trips

Several planned monthly, including museums, historical sites, businesses, farms, theater productions, drama presentations, concerts, etc. All ages. Offers many educational opportunities. Field trips that require admission fees are paid by individual families in attendance. Many are free. There are generally 4-5 field trips planned each month. Most generally last 1-2 hours. Scheduled and coordinated by JCHE volunteers.

Park Days

Scheduled play dates at local parks.  Usually about once a month, during the warmer months, lasting for 1-2 hours. Free of charge. Scheduled and coordinated by JCHE volunteers. Way for new members to connect with other JCHE members during the year.

Play Dates

Tea parties, themed activities, play dates scheduled to stimulate friendships and fun memories. Some events require a small fee paid by participating families. Most are free and held in local parks or members homes. Coordinated by volunteers. Generally about 1 every month or two, lasting about 1-2 hours. Scheduled and coordinated by JCHE volunteers.


Early Homeschoolers

A program for families with children younger than school age to early elementary. This group plans weekly activities including field trips, park days, co-op classes, outings, socials, museum field trips, factory and business tours, farm tours, play groups, themed parties, etc. Participating families pay any expenses. Most events are free. This club sponsors several group gatherings during the year, such as Christmas Party, Valentine’s Party, Hot Dog Roast, etc. This program was formed to encourage and support those families planning to homeschool whose children were not yet school age.

Family Care Program

Through monetary donations from members and sponsored fundraisers, JCHE helps families in need throughout the year, and especially during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. Non-perishable food items and gifts are also donated by the membership.

Group Testing

To help our families meet the state’s testing requirement for homeschoolers in NC, JCHE sponsors a group testing setting for its members. Each year we collectively test nearly 100 students at a discounted rate to help the participating families. Those participating are charged a fee to cover the materials and scoring expenses, and the facility rental fees. The group testing is done over 2 days. JCHE also shares and offers other options for meeting the state’s testing requirements through a workshop, newsletter articles, website links, etc.

School Pictures

JCHE offers a setting for families to have school pictures made of their students by a professional photographer. Family portrait packages are available for a fee, paid directly to the photographer by participating families. Student pictures are used in the Yearbook. Expenses incurred for this event, i.e, facility fees, supplies, etc., are paid using Yearbook funds. Photo Sessions are scheduled in Fall & Spring. Staffed by volunteers and Yearbook staff.


Homeschool Conference

JCHE sponsors an annual Conference in Clayton, NC. Open to the public, the event features resources available to homeschoolers in the area,  curriculum catalogs, etc., 12-15 workshops covering varied aspects of home, family, and homeschooling.  The entire conference event is staffed by a volunteer committee and several committee subs who begin planning months in advance. Set up takes several hours the day prior, and the event is held on a Saturday and lasts about 7-8 hours.


JCHE hosts a variety of workshops during the year and at our annual mini-conference. Invited speakers address topics such as homeschooling high school, college admissions, dual enrollment, household organization, getting started homeschooling, the homeschool law, and other related topics. Open to the public. A small fee per person is charged depending on the venue and the resources available.


CapitalFest is scheduled every other year and is sponsored by the statewide organization, North Carolinians for Home Education. Its purpose is to teach students about state government, and get acquainted with our legislators. JCHE organizes a group visit to the State Capital to participate and schedules meetings with our local legislators. We welcome non-member families to join us. Attendees can attend workshops sponsored by NCHE, and can deliver packets of information to the senators and representatives. The event begins in the morning and ends early afternoon. The event is free for participants.


Fall Kick-Off

An event to kick off the school year, introduce new members to the group, highlight the activities available to JCHE members, and make connections and develop friendships with other homeschool families. Held at a facility in Johnston County, NC, the event is coordinated by a committee of volunteers.  The event lasts for several hours.

New Members Reception

This event is held in the fall to introduce our new members to JCHE activities and opportunities. Generally includes a program and a meal or reception. The event is coordinated by a committee of volunteers, and lasts for a couple of hours and is held in Johnston County, NC.

Variety and Art Show

This event allows our students to perform and display their talents. A reception follows. JCHE students perform, but the event is open to the public. The event is coordinated by a committee of volunteers and lasts a couple of hours.

International Fair

Offered annually, JCHE families sign up to study a country and come together for a Fair at a designated site in Johnston County NC to share what they’ve learned via presentations, dramatizations, costumes, food samples, displays, souvenirs, etc. JCHE pays any incurred expenses from the general fund. The event is coordinated by a committee of volunteers and lasts a couple of hours. Open to JCHE families to participate, but the fair is open to the public.

Drama Camp

Each year JCHE tries to hold a week long Drama Camp that is led by an outside agency, Kidshine. The week is packed full of music, drama, stage craft, creative movement, instrument playing, and ends with a performance on Friday evening. The camp is open to members and non-members who want to experience a week of Liberal Arts, up to 60 students ages 8-14. The Friday evening performance is open to the public. A fee is charged for participation.

End-of-Year Graduation

A yearly event to celebrate the end of the school year and honor our graduates. Coordinated by a committee of volunteers and lasting a couple of hours, the event is open to the public.